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Swallowing Your Sedatives

Dr. Marc J. Beshar is blogging here from Manhattan, NY today to explain what oral sedation is and how it help patients relieve anxiety gradually. Oral sedation is considered the anti- anxiety medication by slowly and gradually making the patient “happy” hours before the procedure. Instead of the instant affect that the gas hits you with, that could severely increase anxiety instantly, the pills help to keep these patients calm. Another benefit is the comfortable and easy rest you can get after taking one of these pills; it is some of the best sleep you will ever get. Benzos Benzodiazepines are depressants for the Central Nervous System, so they can have an …

I Want to Be Sedated

Dr. Beshar of Marc J. Beshar Dentistry in Manhattan, NY is here blogging today to explain the different types of sedation dentistry that he offers for various dental procedures. Sedation, when it comes to dentistry, can be quite necessary and even vital for certain surgeries. Dental sedation can offer the patient the option of being in a quiet and comfortable sleep when being operated on, to reduce fear and anxiety. We also administer mild sedatives that limit grogginess when the patients wake up. We have two different forms of sedation dentistry that we offer here at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry: oral conscious sedation dentistry and inhalation sedation dentistry. Oral conscious …
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