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I Want to Be Sedated

I Want to Be Sedated

Sad businesswomanDr. Beshar of Marc J. Beshar Dentistry in Manhattan, NY is here blogging today to explain the different types of sedation dentistry that he offers for various dental procedures. Sedation, when it comes to dentistry, can be quite necessary and even vital for certain surgeries. Dental sedation can offer the patient the option of being in a quiet and comfortable sleep when being operated on, to reduce fear and anxiety. We also administer mild sedatives that limit grogginess when the patients wake up.

We have two different forms of sedation dentistry that we offer here at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry: oral conscious sedation dentistry and inhalation sedation dentistry.

Oral conscious sedation comes in a pill form which the patient must take an hour before the procedure. Prior to the operation, the doctor will prescribe the dose to the patient, which will be available at their local pharmacy. Once the patient arrives at our office, they will maintain a calm and relaxed state that quiets and composes them prior to the surgery. This is the perfect solution for patients that experience mild anxiety when it comes to dental surgeries and people that do not enjoy injections. Because the pill’s gradual affect builds from the time they take it until they get to the office,it normally wears off during the procedure; however, it is not safe to drive with in the system. Although this is a generally moderate option, patients still can develop side- effects from it; so it is not for everyone to take.

The inhalation method is the delivery of sedation in a nitrous oxide form that only takes a few minutes to create an affect on the patient; people refer to this generally as laughing gas. This sedation technique has more of an immediate effect than the oral option on the body and decreases a patient’s dental phobias easily. The patient inhales the gas through a mask given to them by the doctor, which completely numbs them; this works as a dental aesthetic. It takes a few hours for the effects to wear off, so have someone drop you off and pick you up from the procedure; it is not safe to drive on. This type of sedation may have adverse effects on a patient that suffers from anxiety or may not be effective.

For serious procedures that require sedation, we recommend either one of these options as sedatives to help relax patients. Before the procedure is scheduled the doctor will get a feel for how you may react to either medication and suggest one more than the other. For instance, someone that suffers from extreme anxiety, especially in dental situations, may be administered the oral sedation. Laughing gas can be enjoyable for some people, but for others it can worsen their anxiety.

Sometimes extreme measures must be taken for poor oral or dental health despite what anxiety the patient may have. We understand that more than anyone, which is why we do our best to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible with our sedation methods. There have been many instances where patients that generally suffer from awful anxiety disorders, wake up after their procedure and feel completely relieved and do not remember a thing.

It is important to remember that the fear of dental practices is much worse than the actual procedures. It is easy to get worked up over something that you anticipate will cause you pain or grief but that is why we are here. Dr. Beshar has been performing dental practices for over 20 years and has seen it all.

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