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Swallowing Your Sedatives

Swallowing Your Sedatives

iStock_000012317411SmallDr. Marc J. Beshar is blogging here from Manhattan, NY today to explain what oral sedation is and how it help patients relieve anxiety gradually. Oral sedation is considered the anti- anxiety medication by slowly and gradually making the patient “happy” hours before the procedure. Instead of the instant affect that the gas hits you with, that could severely increase anxiety instantly, the pills help to keep these patients calm. Another benefit is the comfortable and easy rest you can get after taking one of these pills; it is some of the best sleep you will ever get.


Benzodiazepines are depressants for the Central Nervous System, so they can have an effect on blood pressure and breathing to help a patient calm themselves and their heart from racing. Self- medicating with these can be very dangerous and addictive; especially when the pills are taken with alcohol. Overdosing these can result in a patient going into a coma, dangerous and deadly breathing levels, and even death. It also very hazardous to mix these with other depressants; just follow whatever the prescription the doctor gave you and the recommended dose.

Generally doctors will prescribe benzodiazepines like Valium, Halcion, Xanaa, or Atvian for the anti- anxiety pre- surgery drugs. These are targeted toward the brain that cause drowsiness, but when given in smaller doses they help to regulate anxiety. They normally help a person to forget occurrences while they are under the influence; this can be beneficial to someone having dental surgery to reduce the anxiety.

If you decide to take these pills before the procedure to relieve stress and anxiety, make sure you tell you doctor that you did this and the exact dose you took so they are aware of how heavily sedated you are before, during and after the  procedure. If you forget to do this, the doctor may try to give you oral sedation on top of the pills you took; you must be responsible for your own well being when it comes to complicated dental surgeries.


By taking this medication it not only relaxes the patient during the procedure, but also well before it during the day. Sometimes when a patient suffers from an awful anxiety disorder, it helps for them to feel relaxed throughout the entire  process even before it happens. People can easily talk themselves out of situations that cause them to feel fear, which is why benzos are a common method in the dental industry.

Some people that have dental procedures done prefer oral sedation, but it can be a hit- and- miss. Sometimes people will be more vulnerable to the drug as compared to others that it may have no effect on. Be aware that you should not measure  the dose you need to take based on your weight, the doctor will prescribe the proper amount of medication that should be taken for a reason.

Here at Sedation Dentistry we will be able to figure out the right medication method for you personally that will help reduce anxiety.

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